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Believe in yourself! The Bullies will not.

You rock! Do you know it? You got this! Do you think so? You are going to succeed? Do you think so?

Can we ever stop the bullying? We will try. Will we ever stop being judged by others? I hope so but probably not, What can we do about it? Keep reading this blog.

This writer believes in karma. Good things come to those who are good natured people. I despise that sometimes I want bad things to happen to bad people. Why? I am a nice person and I care about the welfare of others!

Not everyone is as nice as me and I realize that. There are some mean people out there. I cannot imagine ever what they are going through nor should I try. But it is a hurtful feeling to be judged by others.

Here’s my point. Try not to get in your head too much. Try not to worry what people think of you. Why? Breakdown. Of your healthy mindset. I have been guilty of this around 500,000 times. That’s way too many times by the way. What can we do about it?

I love acronyms. I call it: F.U.E.L. Fun: Try to have fun as much as possible! Undo: Undo those bad habits when you’re able to! Enough: Enough is enough! Stop being so hard on yourself for making a mistake. Stop it the sooner the better. Love: Show yourself love and be kind to yourself as much as possible!

It seems so simple to do. It really isn’t in my opinion. Why? Because most of us are guilty of not adhering to this acronym. But don’t worry about it if you’re not! Why? I am not either. Remember people are so generally wrapped up with their own stuff that they are not thinking about you as much as you think they are. That’s a victory to me. I know I sound like I am preaching to you. I am sincerely sorry for that.

So believe in yourself. Please take my advice. Please read this blog and if you have any questions, call me. Please take care of yourself because my guess is you are a good natured person.

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