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Is it ever wrong to apologize to others?

We don’t think that it is. Why? It can show accountability. It can show humility. So what if you made a mistake. Who doesn’t. Apologies can help you feel a little bit better. Hopefully, one can feel a sense of catharsis by saying sorry. Hopefully, it will be received with kindness.

One who stutters may apologize for his/her speech impediment. This author has apologized in the past and will apologize again in the future. I had a pronounced stutter as child. From time to time, I have tripped over my words and stammered. I feel there is no shame in ever apologizing for anything you have said or done. I cannot worry if others encourage me to not apologize. To me, it’s a sense of ownership. I apologize with pride and gratitude.

Happy Memorial Day to you, your friends and your family! If you are by yourself today, I hope today brings you some peace and happiness.

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