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Let it go?!!

Updated: May 18

Are you your biggest critic? Who puts the most pressure on you? Is it wrong to continue to say you are sorry? Are you always doing your best? Do you utilize Artificial Intelligence wisely? Is life a continuous growth process? Can you actually get accepted into law school? Are you being patient with others as well as yourself? When will you take it easy on yourself? Are you intelligent or just plain dumb?

These are all great questions. Who knows the answers? You? Others? Don Miguel Ruiz? Howard Gardner? Bill Gates?

I have been bullied. So what. Who has not been bullied in their life? Who’s to say you or I will never be bullied again? Nostradamus? Who knows!

Take it easy on yourself. Why? Because this is the one life we have my friends. Enjoy it how you see fit. Try not to let others bring you down. If they do, try to get back up because life is worth living in my humble opinion.

Thank you as always for reading this post.

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