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Listen to others.

We all want to be listened to by others. Research has shown that those who stutter or stammer do not want to be interrupted when they are talking. Why? They cannot get their words out. Also, when you interrupt someone who stutters, he/she may stutter again and again. Please let the other person speak and get their words out. Let that individual formulate his/her own words. Over time, it may help that person become more confident.

Bullies want to be listened to as well. Who knows what they have been through in their life. Everyone has their own story. Bullies may have been bullied too. Did you ever consider this? It could be by their own family. It could be by their peers. There might be abuse physically, emotionally, or psychologically that no one knows about. Please give that bully the same respect you would another person. Let him or her talk and please listen.

As always, we appreciate you reading this post. Have a wonderful day!

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