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Take action! Don’t wait forever to stand up and fight for you.

Updated: Jul 3

A great friend of this writer articulated some sound advice whether she knows it or not. Take action always!

I know she is correct. Do I always take action and stand up to others, especially bullies? No! Why not? Lack of assertiveness. Still enduring trauma from being mugged three times from tougher individuals I called, “Bullies.” I am a generally benevolent person and therefore believe in not upsetting anyone. I forget how smart I have become and rarely give myself any credit. Lastly, I feel everyone is intimidated by me. Why? Because I am tall, stocky, love playing sports, and am very competitive.

She is standing up for a family who is being bullied by their neighbors. She called me to go over what she intended to do about it. Secondly, she called me to get my point of view because I am a man. Thirdly, she called me because she believes in me.

Wow! Someone I immensely respect for her assertiveness , her wisdom, and her intellect actually believes in me. How cool is that? The best in the world to me!

My good friend, you know who you are. Tomorrow morning when you make your calls to advocate for this family who you care about. Remember this. You are taking action and no matter what happens, you are standing up because you believe in yourself. Additionally, you care so much for others and always will!

Thank you for your friendship!

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3 days ago

"Love Thy neighbor as Thyself." This famous saying sums it all up. What is loving someone if not being there for them and standing up when they are at their most vulnerable. Caring- really caring. Imagine what the world would be like if we started a a metaphorical tsunami of caring, sharing and showing up for others.

In the modern world social isolation is all to prevalent. Imagine how we could address that by showing up and having others, many others, show up for us?


3 days ago

We must ask ourselves, "If I am only for myself, who am I?" At every moment we are presented with opportunities to stand up for others and also for ourselves. Showing care and concern helps us to be fully human and thereby help create a better society and world.

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